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  • Endless possibilities

    We work with all existing raw materials in the world

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  • Dehydrated fruit

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Create your taste

Do not search between the products of the market. Ask us for the flavour you need. We will build it.

Ask for a sample

Through our products and tastes samples it is intended that the client experiment with them in order to develop the perfect wanted result without spending money.

Invest in raising time for your company

We streamlines the production workin for manufacturers to have essences and tastes in the same package.

Tailor packaging

Our packages does not have any defined shapes or weight, we generate anything you need. Individual bags, boxes of materials or bulk orders.


Through samples you choose the product you need - We create a mix and a unique flavor for you - Configure the extent of the packages - We shipping.

Our products

Endless possibilities. We work with all existing raw materials in the world

About us

How Kober-Intexim works


Preserving perishable foods by removing the water they contain and replacing it with a gas

Rotary drum dryer

It provides the solution as we require as to drying products with a high degree of humidity


With the most efficient process of the global market. Slow, constant and with the exact temperature

Spray drying

Professionalism in dewatering dairy or lactose micronization

First process

Entrada de los productos base para la construcción del sabor deseado

Drum Drying

First stage of grinding and mixing

Drum Drying

Application of the fluid mixture onto the heated drum drying system

Final product

The last step of the process, once the mix is dryed.

Our objectives

We design the most powerful taste you can use

We pride ourselves on being the spanish company with a broader catalog in dehydrated products. In order to complement our services, we create the flavor any company needs. The constant search for cooks in order to have the highest quality products at any time of the year, gave birth this way to keep the products in an optimum state to dispose them at the right time.


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  • Tel: +34 918 457 618
  • Email: kober@koberintexim.com
  • Address: Calle Prado de las Banderillas, 23 nave 8, 28770 Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, España

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